The Escape Pod is committing to 5 initiatives and policies to spark change within our agency and in our community.

1. Leadership will share their skills and passion with high-school and college students in Chicago’s minority communities through panels, mentoring and classroom projects.

Progress: We started teaching an Advertising 101 class (for school credit) at a Chicago City high school to introduce kids to a career in Advertising. We feel you need to introduce kids early to our profession to truly generate a more diverse workforce.

2. The Escape Pod will close two days per year for an all-agency community outreach event in support of a Black or minority community.

3. The Escape Pod will improve Black staff representation, starting with an internship program for students with transferable skills and passions from Chicago city colleges.

4. The Escape Pod will interview at least one Black or minority candidate for each open role from junior positions to executive leadership.

5. The Escape Pod will engage in at least one pro-bono project for a Black-owned business each year.