Get to Know the Newest Escape Artist on the TEP Social Team

1. What do you do to escape?
When I need to escape, I reach around for my headphones and put on Spotify. Depending on my mood, that first song could be the newest hip-hop, Billie Holiday or the next indie band to blow up.
2. What are you known for?
I like to think I’m known for my energy, always having a laugh and my never-ending love for all things tasty, sweet, and fried.
3. If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title would be?
Zach: Here’s Not Here
4. What destination is next on your travel list?
I’ll be crossing off a destination on my bucket list in April and traveling to Amsterdam (for a bachelor party no less). But next up would have to be SE Asia, either Singapore or Japan.
5. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
“Choose One: Comfort or Growth.” When I’m faced with a difficult decision, whether its professional or personal, I try to determine which decision is going to help me grow the most.
6. What’s your karaoke jam?
Oooh that’s a good one, I’d have to say “It’s Tricky” by Run-D.M.C. would be my go-to!
Illustration: Dana Krzysztofiak
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Mary Maloney. Arguably the first political troll.

Came across this fascinating picture the other day.  The guy in the foreground is some dude called Winston Churchill.  You may have heard of him. He should win the Oscar IMO.

In this picture he’s about to deliver an electoral speech in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1908.

You’ll notice there’s a woman standing on a horse and carriage.  She is carrying a large bell.  The instant Winston would start talking, she would loudly ring the bell.  And there was nothing Winston could do.

Her name was Mary Maloney.  She was an Irish suffragette.  She knew what she was doing.

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An interview with Vinny Warren

Former DDB colleague Debbie Klonk interviewed Escape Pod founder and creative director Vinny Warren for her Credstyle website and blog.  Debbie has a great eye and is a great interviewer.  And she is great fun to boot.

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