Meet the Pod. Ladies and gentlemen, Allegra Sunday.

Allegra2What do you do here?

My title is Business Affairs, but I’m also the Office Manager along with being an Assistant Account Executive, amongst other things.

Emoji or Gif that would best describe you?

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 11.54.09 AMI don’t really know why, it’s just like “Hey! I’m here!” That’s the one I always use.


The Escape Pod declares a surprise day off, what are you doing?

Probably, go for a run. Because I don’t have time to do that in my free time. I’d probably meet some friends downtown for lunch. Maybe go to the Science and Industry Museum. Or Field Museum. After, I’d probably go for a drink and hangout.


What is your favorite part of working here?

You don’t really feel like you’re going to work. It’s very open and very comfortable. There’s all this energy that comes with it and all the interesting people.


Do you have a favorite thing at your desk?

I love my standing desk. I’m never sitting down. But also the calendar I have. Each month is specific to an Illinois artist. My dad gave it to me because he’s an artist. And his month was January. So I thought that was pretty cool.


Do you have a favorite drink from beer club?

Probably the Caipirinhas that Gloria made. They were my favorite drink. They’re made with sugar cane rum, regular sugar cane and fresh limes. And that’s all it is.


If you weren’t working in advertising, what else would you be doing?

What I first wanted to be was some sort of activist. I wanted to go underdeveloped countries and build water systems and schools, whatever they needed. Something like the Peace Corps.


Do you care to offer an opinion about the foosball table?

I love the foos. I don’t really have a preference between playing front or back. I don’t have a strong hit, so I’m really just there as a guard. So I’m probably best in the back. It’s a nice break in the day.


Was this enjoyable?

This interview? Yeah.


Anything else on your mind? Anything else you want to tell the world?

I don’t know. I’m going to be real cheesy. Life is what you make it. Give the energy you want in the world.


Nice. Cool. Thank you for doing this.

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Appetite for Disruption

Adcontrarian Bob Hoffman recently wrote this. It made me laugh. As ever he’s a fountain of wisdom.

You can read it here.

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What I learned from my first five jobs

Dave Trott recently took the familiar online “first five jobs” meme and added his usual gleam of wisdom. He asked himself what he learned from his first five jobs. A great idea.

I’m re-packaging his great idea for the very first time. So we’re both innovators when you think about it. ( Winking smiley face.)

Thanks Dave.

1. Window Cleaner. I learned to be on time and reliable.

2. Bartender. I did this job for five years throughout high school and college. I loved working at the bar so much that I ended up spending more time working at the bar than I did on my college stuff. By the end I was a part time student and a full time bartender. It was strange. But I learned an awful lot of stuff. The customer is always right. You have to satisfy a market need to be successful. And think twice before you serve your old Irish gypsy school pal and his brother. I watched the brand of the bar evolve from a stuffy middle-aged bar to a hopping joint thick with the pungent smell of burning hashish. They call it a ‘pivot’ these days. It was a formative experience and this was where I learned how to sell alcohol for real.

3. Horse and Carriage Driver. This was crazy from the beginning. I had no experience with horses, much less driving them around Manhattan. But being on Central Park south was a trip. I came THIS close to getting the shit beaten out of me by the Brooklyn mafia. I am not exaggerating. It was like a bad movie. I nearly fainted. Lesson: don’t fuck with the limo drivers because the limo drivers are all in the Teamsters union and the Teamsters’ muscle is provided by real Brooklyn Mafia guys. With baseball bats and unpitying eyes. The worst part: I kinda deserved the beating.

4. Corporate mover. This involved moving tons of actual paper files from lower Park Avenue to the lower west side of Manhattan. It could all be carried on terabyte drive now. I was the only white guy on the crew. Everyone else was Puerto Rican and Jamaican. Lesson learned: when you encounter famed gay English writer Quentin Crisp in the west village, don’t tell your Puerto Rican driver that the old guy in the crosswalk is a famous English gay guy. The words “Yo! Quentin Crips! You f**kin’ faggot!” ring in my ears to this day. Far from being insulted, Quentin was delighted to be recognized by an uncouth from the south Bronx.

5. Copywriter. I was lucky enough to learn advertising from one of the legends of American advertising. He was crazy. Unfortunately, he was also crazy good. His thing was that he was never wrong. He thought in a very laser-like manner. I completely stole his act and use it to this day. Lesson: learn from a master. It becomes your original source code.

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