Apologies to my sole remaining reader. The plumbing on the website went awry for a while there. Hence the lack of recent bloggage. But relax, I’m back!

The Super Bowl ads. I thought it was a good return to fun after last year’s ‘sadvertising’ pain. Fun is good. No really great spots. Not as good as the ads that ran in the Oscars IMO.

We have hired a bunch of new folks here at the Pod and we will introduce them shortly. Still can’t post pix to the blog. Which is annoying.

One nice Super Bowl related thing was that James Corden aired a Wassup! parody in his post SB show.

I am a huge fan of James Corden. I think his ‘Gavin and Stacey’ TV show is up there with The Sopranos. It was a work of genius. And he co-wrote and starred in it. So I knew he would do a good one.

This got me major cred points with my kids. We are all G&S superfans.