October 29, 2018

We know what you’re thinking.

“Isn’t Sears in bankruptcy?”.

Yes, Sears Inc. just declared bankruptcy.

But Sears Outlet Stores is a completely independent business that was spun off from Sears Inc. years ago. Back when having Sears in your name was a real advantage.

Sears has always been the go-to choice for home appliances.

And Sears Outlet has an amazing business model, as you will see.

When we were first visited a Sears Outlet we – like everyone else – had the same reaction: “How come I have never heard of this amazing thing before?”.

It’s like the last great secret of American retail.

Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you order a fridge from Home Depot or Lowes or Sears or Best Buy. And they deliver the fridge.

And let’s say it won’t fit through your front door. Or it has small dent on it. And you return it to the retailer.

In that case it is classed as a ‘return’. And much like a car instantly depreciates once you drive it off the lot, appliances instantly lose retail value once they are returned.

So what happens, as you will see, is that all these appliances from all these huge retailers get sent to Sears Outlet where they examined and repaired by experts, if needed.

Every appliance is thoroughly tested to make sure they are 100% operational. It’s a great quality control process. They run every appliance for 24 hours to make sure they are in top shape.

Then they are then typically offered for 40-50% off the retail price at Sears Outlet stores and on

It’s quite a story an amazing retail offer.

This isn’t some bullshit American retail “bargain”. Shopping at Sears Outlet saves you serious money.

You WILL save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on that new fridge at Sears Outlet.  Guaranteed.  That’s their business model: shockingly good value on home appliances.

And you will still get the full manufacturer’s warranty.

And they will deliver your appliance anywhere in the country, for free.

It sounds too good to be true. But it is true.  Annoyingly true.

When I first visited a Sears Outlet store to research it, I actually found ‘my fridge’ – one that I’d paid $4,000 for just months earlier– for sale at $1,800.

More than 50% off the price I paid. It had a tiny dent in it. It was nothing.

I could literally have saved thousands of dollars if shopped Sears Outlet.

I wanted to kick myself. And my new fridge.

That hateful and negative remorseful feeling inspired this lovely idea Which we titled “Buyer’s Remorse”.

The couple in the ad had actually paid full price for that fridge just months before.

As I had. It’s a painful realization.

Misha and Andy were great sports.  They had no idea what they were walking into.  I think we told them it was for a market research video.

This was great fun to shoot too.  Hope you like

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