New work for Merrick Petcare

July 25, 2018

This was immense fun to do. To help hydrate Chicago’s canines in the sweltering summer heat, we placed a five foot tall ice sculpture of a fire hydant on a dog-friendly beach.

And we filmed the resulting chaos as dogs of all shapes and sizes slaked their thirsts on the icy cold creation.

Thanks to Barbara Liss and all at Merrick Petcare for OK-ing this cooler than cool canine caper

And big thanks to Escape Podders Annelise Smith, Lauren Krawczyk, cinematographer Dean Berdudis, Diana Pietrczyk. And of course Kaner, the IG legend corgi.

We are happy to report that this wee film has gotten an outsized reaction on social media.

I’m not sure of the exact number of views it has gotten online but I can tell you that I have gotten almost 25K views of it on my Linkedin profile alone.

Trust me, I’m not that popular. Clearly, watching dogs lick a giant icy fire hydrant is good viewing.   See if you don’t agree

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