June 5, 2018

OK, this was a big one.

How often do you get to introduce and advertise something, the very idea of which, literally excites you?

Drum roll…presenting the new EGO POWERPLUS string trimmer that automatically winds the string.

No more mind-numbingly complicated and frustrating manual insertion of nylon string on hot summer days every single bloody time your bloody string f**king breaks.  No more of that!

This innovation excites me greatly.  As you can probably tell.

What used to be really, really, really annoying and very time-consuming now just takes seconds and is as easy as proverbial pie.

So, what did we do to announce this quantum leap in lawn maintenance technology?

Well, we jumped out of a plane and inserted the string in at 20,000 feet.

For real. No CGI, no film trickery.

Just real actual skydivers changing string at twenty thousand feet.  As you do.

We also had someone insert the string into the string trimmer against the clock while under threat of being crushed by two moving walls.

Luckily this chap too survived his slightly less heart-stopping string-trimmer adventure.

Thanks once again to the inimitable team of executive producer Norm Reiss and ace director Shane Valdes.

Not sure how you guys pulled these off but thanks for delivering for us yet again.

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